Mair Park
Located in: Prince Albert


Prince Albert

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Mountain Biking

Mair Park

Mair Park is a small recreation and relaxation park located on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River in the heart of the community of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Mair Park includes a Peace Grove which includes 12 spruce trees representing Canadian provinces and territories. A Peace Grove is a Peace Park. A Peace Park recognizes the role of our Canadian Peacekeepers and a symbol of our commitment to promoting peace around the world.

Photo GalleryMair Park is located next to Dent Park and both are popular baseball destinations for tournaments and sporting events because of the facilities on site. The facilities include a couple of baseball diamonds with bleachers, a concession, washrooms and equipment storage buildings.

When there is not a baseball tournament going on in Mair Park it is a popular destination for lounging around and sightseeing.

There is a children's playground and some day use picnic tables with fire pits for gatherings. The green grass lawns are well maintained so bring a blanket and enjoy the views while sitting on the banks of the river.

The park is easily accessed from the Rotary Trail and from city streets. The Rotary Trail follows the North Saskatchewan River and travels through the park. On many occasions, there are people jogging, biking, dog walking and hiking in the park.

Along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River are sitting and sightseeing benches. On the river is a boathouse.


Mair Park
Prince Albert
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Located in: Prince Albert
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