Grasslands National Park - East Block
Located in: Cypress Hills

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Wood Mountain

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If you want solitude, head for the hills of Grasslands National Park, East Block, located near Wood Mountain Saskatchewan.  Located in the Wood Mountain Uplands, it contains part of the Kildeer badlands.

There is abundant wildlife to observe including muledeers and pronghorn on the way to the park, and once there I could only sit in awe of the view atop the Badlands Lookoout area.

One warning, there are prairie rattlesnakes in the park, but we did not encounter one thankfully.  Apparently the park brochures say your chances of being bitten is less than that of being struck by lightening, but I would still wear pants over the ankle and not step over rocks as they tend to lie up against them.  

Apparently another resident snake, the nonpoisonus bull snake, looks similar but has round pupils while the posionous rattler has vertical pupils like a cat.  I don't ever want to be close enough to stare into either ones eyes, but that is just me.

I also did not fall into any quicksand which is also a hazard in the area.  All in all, it was a great way to spend a day in SW Saskatchewan!

There are plenty of self guided short and long trails for hikers to explore in the park. For those who would like to learn more about the area there are guided interpretive walks with park staff as well. Other activities enjoyed include learning to lasso, campfire chats, find a fossil, backpacking, sightseeing drives, and camping under the stars.  

If you want to learn more about the park and area, travel to McGowans Visitor Centre located in Rock Creek Campground.

Grasslands National Park, East Block, Wood Mountain Saskatchewan



Grasslands National Park - East Block
Highway #18
Wood Mountain
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Located in: Cypress Hills
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