Drummondville, Quebec, Canada
Drummondville, QC, Travel & Adventure Guide

On the banks of the Saint-François River

Drummondville, Quebec, QC, Canada is located on the banks of the Saint-François River in the Centre-du-Québec Region of Quebec. The community refers to itself as "Quebec's Capital of Expression and Traditions" because of its many cultural attractions including the famous "Sugar Shacks" (sugar shacks are small cabins where sap is collected from sugar maple trees to make Canadian maple syrup).


Activities, Adventures and Things To Do in Drummondville

Activities most enjoyed in Drummondville and the surrounding areas include golfing, spa, touring, sightseeing, biking, cycling, swimming, picnicking, camping, ziplining, agri-tourism, sailing, boating, birding, and xc skiing and snowmobiling.

Parks, Trails, and Places to Explore in Drummondville

A few of the more popular activity and sightseeing park and trail destinations located in Drummondville and the surrounding areas includes Parc Bellevue, Parc du Boisé-Messier, Parc du Boisé-de-la-Marconi, Parc Girouard, Parc Municipal, Parc école Marie-Rivier, Parc Poirier, Parc des Voltigeurs, and Parc Woodyatt.

Drummondville, Quebec, Attractions, Art, Historical Sites, Culture

Some of the most visited sightseeing attractions, art galleries, historical sites and cultural venues in and around Drummondville, Quebec include the Village Québécois d'Antan, Basilique mineure Saint-Frédéric, Maison des arts Desjardins, Théâtre d'été Gilles Latulippe, Église St.George, Musée populaire de photographie, the Maison des Arts Desjardins, Mondial des Cultures, Domaine Trent Parc des Voltigeurs and the sugar shacks (producers of Quebec maple syrup).

Accommodations, Services and Amenities in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada

Services important to vacation planning in and around the community of Drummondville, QC includes accommodations (hotel, motel, inns, vacation homes, cottages, resorts, lodges, bed and breakfast, rental suites, hostels), tours, guides, campgrounds, pubs, restaurants, gas stations, laundromats, gift stores, liquor stores, big box stores, breweries, grocery stores, coffee shops, cell service, internet, banks and transportation services including taxi, bus, car rental, marina, rail, Drummondville Airport and Drummondville Water Aerodrome.

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