Cape Bear Lighthouse

Murray River

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Cape Bear Lighthouse and the Marconi Museum

Murray River, Prince Edward Island, PEI

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1881 Lighthouse

Cape Bear Lighthouse is located near the community of Murray River, PEI, Canada. The historic lighthouse dates back to 1881 and is part of the PEI Lighthouse Tour. It's history shows the lighthouse was primarily used to guide fisherman around the point on Northumberland Strait.

What are the Things To Do, Activities, Adventures at the Cape Bear Lighthouse

Cape Bear Lighthouse adventures, tours, guides and activities most enjoyed in and around the lighthouse are sightseeing, wildlife watching, birding and picnicking.

What are the amenities, services located at the Cape Bear Lighthouse?

A few of the more popular amenities and services located in and around the Cape Bear Lighthouse includes the the Marconi Museum, gift shop, outdoor patio, and picnic table.

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Cape Bear Lighthouse
42 Black Brook Road
Murray River

How To Get ToCape Bear Lighthouse

Located 25 kilometres from the Wood Islands Ferry, near Murray River, on the southcoast of Prince Edward Island.
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