Snowtubing at Ski Snow Valley

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Snowtubing at Ski Snow Valley

The winter months can be long.  We were kinda tired of being cooped up indoors, so we decided to try more winter activities this year.  Might as well go play in the snow as opposed to always shovelling it.  We learned of a small group tour company named Travelling Chicken Tours based in Toronto and wanted to try something new.  They specialize in taking small groups to various destinations in Ontario, and we learned that there's no shortage of winter fun to be had.  We decided on snowtubing in Barrie as our acitivity for the day.

Check out the video here to see how it all went down:

Lenka is the owner/operator of Travelling Chicken, and she does all the driving for these tours.  We enjoyed the fact that we could just sit back and chat with the others on the trip, many of whom were attempting these activities just like us.

Our destination was Ski Snow Valley in Barrie.  We grabbed our rental tubes, used the special ‘tube escalator’ to get up the hill, and then, rip down several runs that they have available.

The runs are meticulously maintained by the staff, and as you can see, it’s a pretty tall hill.  Of course this means a REALLY fast trip down the hill on the tube.  You can either go down the hill in a single tube by yourself, or hang onto a friends tube, or even make a 3 tube formation.  Want to see how high up the hill is?  Watch our video to enjoy the view from the top – and all the screams as well.

The great thing about tubing is that it’s accessible to everyone, you don’t need any particular skills or fancy equipment.  No need to bring your own tube, the tube rental is included with your pass to the hill.  Kids and adults can have fun the same way.

A short Checklist for your day trip:

  1. Wear many layers.
  2. Brings Snacks & Drinks for the road.
  3. Your smartphone, camera or GoPro with a battery pack. You’ll be amazed how quickly you lose battery power in the cold.

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