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Kentville, Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Travel, Tourism and Adventure

On the banks of the Cornwallis River


Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada rests on the banks of the Cornwallis River in the Annapolis Valley.

Activities, Adventures and Things To Do in Kentville, Nova Scotia

Activities most enjoyed in the community and surrounding areas include ocean kayaking, hiking, birding, camping, sightseeing, picnicking, walking tours, cycling, boating, golfing, wine tasting, biking and xc skiing.

Parks, Trails and Place of Interest to explore in Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada

A few of the more popular activity and sightseeing destinations in the region includes Anthony Park, Burncoathead Park, Cape Split Hiking Trail, Hwy 358 Look-Off, Kentville Memorial Park, Kentville Bird Sanctuary, Baxter Harbour Falls, and Miner's Marsh.

Kentville, Nova Scotia, Attractions, Historical Sites, Culture

Some of the attractions, museums and cultural venues in Kentville, Nova Scotia and the surrounding regions include the Apple Blossom Festival, Pumpkin People (October), Kings County Museum, and the Charles Macdonald Concrete House Museum. 

Accommodations, Services and Amenities in Kentville, Nova Scotia, CanadaKentville, N.S., Canada Travel, Adventure and Tourism

Services important in and around the community of Kentville include accommodations (hotel, motel, inn, vacation home, bed and breakfast), campground, pubs, gift shops, restaurants, gas station, grocery stores, liquor store, cell service, and internet.

Explore Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada Travel Guide for Accommodations, Attractions and Adventure.