Fredericton, New Brunswick
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Capital city on the banks of the St. John River


Fredericton, New Brunswick is located in Eastern Canada on the banks of the St. John River. It is the capital city of New Brunswick, Canada. The community is best known as a cultural, historic and educational centre of the region complimented by two universities, museums and a high number of artists.

Attractions throughout Fredericton

There are 12 National Historic Sites of Canada in Fredericton. Some of the most visited attractions in the city include Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton Region Museum, The Playhouse, Historic Garrison District, Christ Church Cathedral, and the Loyalist Cemetery.

Activities, Parks, Trails and Places of Interest in Fredericton

When in Fredericton people enjoy activities like hiking, kayaking, tubing, biking, roller blading, boat tours, fishing, picnicking, sightseeing and beachcombing. The natural areas most enjoyed are the Rail Trails, Nashwaaksis Stream Nature Park, Fredericton Botanic Garden and the Killarney Lake Park, Hyla Park Nature Preserve, Mactaquac Provincial Park, Odell Park, Queen Square, Barracks Square and Reading Parks.

Services and Amenities of Fredericton

The community is very diverse and it is reflected in its high number of ethnic restaurants. Other services important to travelers in Fredericton include accommodations, campgrounds, tours, guides, coffee houses, gas stations, grocery stores, internet, cell service and transportation services like cab companies and the Fredericton International Airport.

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