Yukon River
Suspension bridge over to Kishwoot Island in Downtown Whitehorse

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Porter Creek
Enjoying the views of the creek

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Porter Creek
Viewing bench overlooking creek

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Lonely Tree
Tree standing by itself on hill top

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Flooded Forest
Interpretive sign about the creation of kettle lakes

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Kettle Lakes Map
Overhead view of the lakes in the area

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Hiking Trail
Interpretive signs located on hiking trail

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Up We Go
Hiking trail starts to climb to next lake

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Blue Skies
Here comes the blue northern skies

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Hiking the Ridge
Views from hiking along the ridges between lakes

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Looking Down
Taking a peek-a-boo look at one of the Hidden Lakes

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Hilltop Views
Looking down on a kettle lake

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Natase-Hin Yukon Pass Bridge
Wetland views and birdwatching

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Teslin Lake
Lookout on Teslin Lake

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Viewing Platform
Sightseeing lookout on lake

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