Hiking Trail
Views of Waterways
Views form the lookout at end of trail

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Boardwalk Trail
Bro on Tithegeh Trail near Inuvik

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Hiking Trail
Campbell Lake in the background

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Hiking Trail
Trail to lookout on cliff

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Peregrine Falcon
Birds of Tithegeh Park near Inuvik

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Lookout Deck
Great for birdwatching

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Reading Interpretive Signs
Lookout on Tithegeh Trail near Inuvik

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Birdwatching on Tithegeh Trail on Dempster Hwy

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Campbell Lake
Views of lake on Tithegeh Trail

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Views of Campbell Lake and wetlands in Tithegeh Park

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I am on Top of the World
Celebrating the great views near Inuvik

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