Whyte Museum
A building located on the Whyte Museum grounds in the village of Banff.

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Welcome to Banff
Welcome to Banff sign on Highway #1 when entering the community of Banff, Alberta.

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Main Street - Banff, Alberta, Canada
A look down Banff Avenue in the community of Banff, Alberta

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Sightseeing by Horse - Banff, Alberta, Canada
A horse sightseeing tour in progress exploring the streets and local "points of Interest" in the community of Banff, Alberta.

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Floral Displays - Banff, Alberta, Canada
There are white, purple, red, blue and orange flowers brightening up the streets of Banff Village displayed in flower pots, flower baskets and flower gardens.

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Bear Art - Banff, Alberta, Canada
A bear sculpture marks the entrance to the Whyte Museum in the community of Banff, Alberta.

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People Watchers - Banff, Alberta, Canada
A couple of pedestrians take full advantage of the sitting benches in the village of Banff for people watching it seems.

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Down the Middle - Banff, Alberta, Canada
A middle lane view of the main street in the community of Banff, Alberta, Canada.

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Banff Village Streets
A long view of the shops, restaurants and services lining the streets in the village of Banff, Alberta, Canada.

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Cycling Downtown - Banff, Alberta, Canada
A cyclist traveling through Banff. Alberta looking for an adventure in Banff National Park.

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Downtown Shops - Banff, Alberta, Canada
A corner street in the village of Banff with shops and boutiques welcoming shoppers.

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Buffalo Museum Entrance - Banff, Alberta, Canada
The Buffalo Museum is a First Nation attraction located in the community of Banff, Alberta, Canada.

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Banff Springs Hotel - Banff, Alberta, Canada
The Banff Springs Hotel under blue sky conditions.

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Cycling in Banff, Alberta, Canada
While exploring, in and around, the village of Banff, Alberta it is very common to see cyclists and bikers sharing the streets with vehicles.

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RVing in Banff, Alberta, Canada
RVing is a popular choice of transportation when exploring in the Banff National Park.

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