Walkway floral gardens Walkway with floral gardens

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Walkway along the beach Walkway along the coastline

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Swimming at Spider Lake

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Spider Lake
Views from shore of Spider Lake

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Hiking Trail
Foot bridge on lakeshore of Spider Lake Foot bridge on Spider Lake

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People out for a swim at Spider Lake

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Beached canoe on Spider Lake Beached canoe hidden from sight

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Islands from the coastline in the horizon Islands in view from the coastline

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Beautiful Sunset
Crazy colors in the sky Crazy colours in the sky

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Waves are beginning to kick up Waves kicking up a fuss

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Rough Waves
Driftwood piled up from storms Driftwood pile from storm

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Waterfront walkway Waterfront walkway viewing benches

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Playing Fetch
Who is fetching who Who is fetching for who

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Mans Best Friend
Dogs playing in the ocean Dogs and man in the ocean

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Flower Gardens
Milner Gardens

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