Port Hardy, BC, Canada photo gallery. A North Vancouver Island Community. Click Here - Plan a trip to Port Hardy Vancouver Island with the on eh Canada Travel & Adventure Guide
Cape Scott Provincial Park
Tex Lyon Trail
Tex Lyon Trail
Hiking trail in town Hiking Trail
Estuary Trail
Estuary Trail
Walking trail in town Hiking & Birdwatching Trail
Storey Beach
Off alone hiking the beach Hiking the shoreline of beach

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Storey Beach
Misty hikes Hiking to Tex Lyon Trail

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Storey Beach
Low clouds walking beach Walking the beach in low clouds and tides

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Ronnings Garden
Wilderness garden in back country forests Gardens in the wilderness back country

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Run off creeks on road to Holberg Gravel road run off creeks to Holberg

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Gravel Road to Holberg
Roads leading from Hardy to Holberg Gravel road connecting Hardy to Holberg

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Gravel Warning Sign
A different and straight forward approach To the point about back road driving

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Quatse River
Dog walking along the river A nice day for a walk

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Quatse River
History is now nature Views of river and time left behind

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Coming in from a fishing trip Sunset and returning fisherman

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Moored for Winter
Sails are taken down Moored on land for storage

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Scuba Mural
Art in downtown Downtown art

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Retired Boat
Boat left for narure on shorlene Rustic boat left behind for some time

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Log shelter on edge of downtown Log cover on waterfront

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Clock Tower
Downtown time Clock in the downtown core

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