South Okanagan Community Community in the South Okanagan Valley
Cottonwood Park
Cottonwood Park
Local Community Park Local park on shores of Osoyoos Lake
Haynes Point Park
Haynes Point Park
Park located on the spit in Osoyoos, BC Haynes Point Park on the spit is a birdwatching destination
Mount Kabau
Mount Kabau
Ski hill and observatory Mount Kabau Recreation Area
Canal Walkway
Canal Walkway
Community Walking Path Popular recreation path in Osoyoos
Spotted Lake
Spotted Lake
Community Lake Spotted Lake in the Osoyoos Lake
Osoyoos Views
Spanning views from hills to the east Views of the community.

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Views of Osoyoos
Views of community from the hills east of the community Hwy #3 views of Osoyoos

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Views of Osoyoos
Views from the hills in the east of the community Views of Community of Osoyoos.

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Cougar Statue
Road sign located on Hwy #3 east of Osoyoos Road sign east of Osoyoos.

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Saskquatch Statue
Road sign on Hwy #3 Road sign east of community.

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Moored boats on Osoyoos Lake Boating on Osoyoos Lake

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EH Tourism Travel Trailers
Researching the Osoyoos area Researching the Osoyoos are in style.

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Downtown Buildings
Buildings near Osoyoos Lake Downtown buildings in Osoyoos.

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Moose Statue
Moose road sign located east of community Road sign east of community.

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Yacht Club
Osoyoos Yacht Club on the lake. Marina building in Osoyoos.

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Anarchist Mountian
Views of Highway #3 and lake Views from Anarchist Mountain

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Redwinged Blackbird
Birdwatch in Haynes Park Redwinged Blackbird in the park.

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Yellow Headed Blackbird
Birdwatching in the park Birds are abundant in park

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Looking North
Views of the valley and lake Osoyoos Lake views from the hills.

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Looking South
Views of the Osoyoos Valley and Lake Osoyoos Lake from the hills of the community.

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