West Kootenay Community The community of Nakusp in the Kootenays
Box Lake Trail
Kimbol Trail
Hot Springs
Hot Springs
Attraction Nakusp Hot Spring in the Kootenays
Summit Lake Park
Summit Lake Park
Provincial Park Recreation and campground park near Nakusp
Waterfront Walkway
Waterfront Walkway
Walking Trail Local pathway on Upper Arrow Lake.
Public Beach
Public Beach
Pebbled beach on Waterfront Walkway Public beach in Nakusp
Mountain Views
Upper Arrow Lake, Nakusp, BC, Canada, Pathway, British Columbia, Attractions

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Wharf in Nakusp
Wharf on Upper Arrow Lake Wharf in Nakusp

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Wharf on Upper Arrow Lake Wharf in Nakusp

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Waterfall Rest Stop
Highway rest stop just outside of Nakusp Waterfall rest stop in Nakusp

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Memorial in park in Nakusp Memorial in Nakusp

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Covered Shelter
Local green space park in Nakusp Community Shelter in Nakusp park

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Valley of Hot Springs
Nakusp sign on highway Nakusp highway signage

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Highway Sign
Signs entering the community Signs about Nakusp

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Downtown Nakusp
Buildings and streets of community Downtown Nakusp

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Community Sign
Directional posts marking the Waterfront Walkway Pathway sign in community

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Upper Arrow Lake
Views of lake and homes Upper Arrow Lake in Nakusp, BC

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Downtown Nakusp
Streets of the downtown core Community streets and shops in Nakusp

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Upper Arrow Lake
Lake views from the community The shoreline of Upper Arrow Lake

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Paddle Wheel
Information Centre in community Sternwheeler at Information Centre

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Fields of Nakusp
Mountains viewed along highway Farming fields in the valley

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