Cochrane, Alberta, Canada is a ranchlands, farmlands and recreation community located on the banks of the Bow River - next door to the Rocky Mountain Range - in the Southern Alberta region of Alberta, Canada. Cochrane, Alberta travel guide Click Here - Plan a trip to Cochrane, Alberta, Canada with the eh Canada Tourism Guide
Big Hill Springs Provincial Park
Big Hill Springs Provincial Park
Big Hill Springs Provincial Park is an activity and sightseeing destination popular for waterfalls and hiking located northeast of the community of Cochrane, Alberta.
Cochrane Ranch Historic Site
Cochrane Ranch Historic Site
Cochrane Ranch Historic Site and the Cochrane Ranch House share the same grounds. The historic site is exactly that - a historical snapshot into the past of Cochrane. There are artifacts, a walking trail, information signs, picnic area and information centre.
Ghost Reservoir Lake
Ghost Reservoir Lake
Ghost Reservoir Lake is popular for water sports like sailing, wind surfing, fishing, water skiing, jet boating, canoeing, kayaking and sightseeing. There is a campground and picnic area. In the winter ice fishing and ice sailing are popular.
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