Pictures of Bamfield, BC, Canada on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Click Here - Plan a trip to Bamfield, BC on eh Canada Travel & Adventure Guide
Salmon Berry
Salmon Berry

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WCT Trail
Boardwalk portion of WCT WCT

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Backpacking WCT
Coming back from the Falls Backpacking WCT

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West Coast Trail
Boardwalk Trail starting hike West Coast Trail

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Start of West Coast Trail West Coast Trail

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Pachena Beach Sunset
All you hear is waves... ahhh Pachena Beach Sunset

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First Nation Picnic Shelter
Pachena Bay First Nation Picnic Shelter

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First Nation Canoe
Resting along Pachena River First Nation Canoe

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The Wall
Final push up deadfall tree trail to Keeha Beach The Wall

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Pachena Beach
Pachena Bay near Bamfield Pachena Beach

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Keeha Bay Hike
Balancing Deadfall Trees Hiking Keeha Trail

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Driftwood Sweat Lodge
By the creek on Keeha Beach Driftwood Sweat Lodge

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Views from Keeha Trail
Keeha Bay Trail

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Food Cache
Protect food from wildlife Food Cache

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Friends of Frog Internet
Bumped into along the Keeha bay Trail Friends of Frog Internet

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