Western Arctic
Boot Lake
Boot Lake
Community Park
Gwichin' Park
Gwichin' Park
Territorial Park
Juk Park
Juk Park
Territorial Park
Nihtak Park
Nihtak Park
Day Use Area/Picnic Site
Tithegeh Park
Tithegeh Park
Hiking Trail
Walking Path
Trail on the main road in Inuvik

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Sculptured Sandstone Rock
Village art and sculptures

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Sculpture in the village

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Smartie Homes
Love the color

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Wildlife in the north of Inuvik

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Mackenzie Delta
Inuvik's front and back yard

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Art in the community

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Tribute to bush pilots in community

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Information Centre
Local community information

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Downtown statue and Dome Church

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Accommodations in the village

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Homes in Inuvik

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Hilltop Views
Looking down on Inuvik and out at Mackenzie Delta

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Views of Village
Village and the Mackenzie Delta

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Herd of caribou

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