Sightseeing Lookout
Great Slave Lake
Houseboats from the Pilot Monument Lookout

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Great Slave Lake
Views of lake from lookout

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Great Slave Lake from lookout

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The capital from the lookout

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Back Bay
Old Town, Yellowknife from lookout

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Great Slave Lake
Homes on the lake from viewpoint

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Great Slave Lake
Views from the lookout

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Old Town
Views from lookout

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Views from Lookout
Views of Old Town, Yellowknife

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Information Plaque
Old Town in the background

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Stairway crawls up to top of the rock

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Stairway to Lookout
Yellowknife and Great Slave Lake in the background

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Jolliffe Island
Information Plaque

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Viewpoint on top of rock

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Pilot Monument
Monument at lookout

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