Henrietta Muir Edwards Park is a 14 hectare park with picnic tables, grass lawns and monuments on the North Saskatchewan River in the community of Edmonton.
The entrance sign to the park from the main road.

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A picnic area in the Henrietta Muir Park located in Edmonton Alberta.

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Pedestrian Bridge
One of the many bridges connecting parks in the River Valley area of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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Edmonton City
Views of the City of Edmonton from the bridge connecting to the Henrietta Muir Park in the North Saskatchewan River Valley.

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Park Signs
A directional sign located in the Henrietta Muir Park pointing to Cloverdale Park and Rafter`s Landing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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A shelter and washroom in the park.

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Flower Gardens
Some of the floral gardens in the Henrietta Muir Park located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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