Stewart Canyon Trail is a hiking trail measuring 0.8 kilometres one way. Return trip is 1.6 kilometres. The trail leads to a secluded, deep gorge canyon with white water rapids, polished boulders and high canyon walls.
Stewart Canyon
The entrance to Stewart Canyon located at the end of the hiking trail in Banff National Park.

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River Views
The river as seen up stream from Stewart Canyon in Banff National Park.

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Inside the Canyon
Inside the canyon, down by the river, the white water rapids roar and tumble over big boulders while surrounded by smooth cliff walls inside Stewart canyon in Banff National Park.

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Stewart Canyon Walls
The canyon walls as seen from the cliffs while exploring the Stewart Canyon Trail near lake Minnewanka near Banff, Alberta.

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Stewart Canyon Trailhead
Trailhead billboard shelter with hiking information and trail maps for the network of trails in the Lake Minnewanka region including the Stewart Canyon Trail.

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Trailhead sign and distance marker for the Stewart Canyon Trail in Banff National Park.

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Mountain Biking
Mountain bikers on the Stewart Canyon Trail coming back from exploring the backcountry trails that are located throughout the area around Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park.

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Trail Bridge
The large wooden suspension bridge crossing the canyon river on the Stewart Canyon Trail in Banff National Park.

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Suspension Bridge Views
A view up the canyon from the suspension bridge. What your looking at is the river of the canyon meeting Lake Minnewanka.

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Stewart Canyon Trail
The Stewart Canyon Trail starts out along an easy going, single track trail exploring through a forest on the shores of Lake Minnewanka.. but things change in the wilderness.

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Lake Minnewanka
Views of Lake Minnewanka from the start of the Stewart Canyon Trail in the Banff National Park.

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