Remote recreational lake
Forested Trail
Leads through the deadfall and under brush

943 hits

Lakeside Trail
Lake opens up into view around a bend

979 hits

Hiking Trail
Forested trail follows lake shoreline

881 hits

Campground Sign
wilderness campground sign hidden in the forest trees

948 hits

Hiking Trail & Outhouse
Trailhead leads around the lake and some boardwalk

969 hits

Pine Lake
Lake reflections... it was so peaceful

981 hits

Pine Lake
Lake is flat like glass

874 hits

Pine Lake
Raft tied up to the shore

902 hits

Wilderness Campground
Lakefront wilderness campsite and picnic table

898 hits

Glory Hole
Pier on the pond with frogs croaking

982 hits

Good Day Fishing caught some dinner

926 hits

Glory Hole
Little pond on left of gravel road leading to Pine Lake

1106 hits

Floating Brother
Man-made raft great for fishing

930 hits