Highland Valley Community
Tunkwa Lake Park
Tunkwa Lake Park
Wetlands Park
Logan Lake
Logan Lake
Main lake in centre of community
Leighton Lake
Leighton Lake
Remote Recreation Lake
Maggs Park
Maggs Park
Community Park
Face Lake
Face Lake
Remote Wilderness Lake
Paska Lake
Paska Lake
Wilderness Recreation Lake
A day researching the back country wilderness near village

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Mellow at the Marsh
No one is around except nature

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Marsh like ponds located along some of the back country roads

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Welcome Sign
Welcoming all to the Village of Logan Lake

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Big mining shovel is part of Information Centre

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Local Government Buildings
Buildings along the main highway in the village

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Welcome Sign
Massive Mining Truck is Information Centre

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View of Village
Hill top views looking over community

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XC Skiing Trails
Nite Owl Trail and map

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Nature Trail
Directional signs leading around the lake

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Community Sunsets
The sun sets on Logan lake and the community

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Trail Map
Network of trails in the Highland Valley region

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Highland Valley Trail Map
Map outlining the network of trails in the region

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A group is taking the opportunity to catch up on some golfing

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Farm Fields
Pine beetle forest in the background

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