Pemberton Village & Mt. Currie
Nairn Falls Park
Nairn Falls Park
Waterfall hiking trail and lookout
One Mile Lake
One Mile Lake
Populat Lake Destination
Blackwater Lake
Blackwater Lake
Lake on route to Birkenhead Lake
Birkenhead Lake
Birkenhead Lake
Alpine lake and park
bundles of hay

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Welcome Sign
Sea to Sky Hwy Welcome to Pemberton sign

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Welcome Sign
Directional sign to Pemberton Village

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Railway Station
Located in Pemberton Village

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Pemberton Homes
Walking down the residential back streets on the village

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Staggering mountains and hills

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One Mile Lake & mountains

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Mountain Range
Surrounded by mountains in Pemberton

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Mountains & Lakes
One Mile Lake near Pemberton

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Jet Boating
Lillooet River adventure tied up to bridge

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Mountain Range
Beautiful views from Pemberton Village

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Horse Pasture
Farmers fields busy with horses

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Lillooet River
The mighty river near Pemberton Village

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Highway Store
Sea to Sky gas station near Pemberton

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Grazing horse near Birkenhead

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