Hiking trail in the Kootenay National Park
Parked and ready to hike Kindersley Pass. Trailhead parking for Kindersley Pass Trail

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Trail Sign
Trails and distances. Trail sign with trail distances.

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Highway Sign
Trail sign marking entrance. Hiking sign in the park.

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Hiking Trail
Trail and tree roots Hiking trail in the park.

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Trailhead Marker
Signage on the trail Trailhead marker on the trail.

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Hiking Trail
Narrow path wanders through the woods Hiking in the woods on the Kindersley Pass Trail

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Trail Sign
Hiking trail leading intot he wilderness. Wilderness hiking in park.

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Hiking Trail
Hiking in the woods Single Track hiking in the park.

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Wetland Marsh
Alpine ponds and wetlands on trail Kindersley Pass Trail in Kootenay National Park

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Hikers heading uphill through a meadow Hiking in the Kootenay National Park

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