Olive Lake in the Kootenay National Park
People at Lookout
Group gathers at viewpoint on Olive Lake Lookout gathering on Olive Lake

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Information sign, sitting bench at lookout Sitting bench at lookout on Olive Lake.

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Boardwalk trail leads to lookout over Olive Lake Lookout ahead of Olive Lake

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Boardwalk Trail
Raised boardwalk hiking trail to Olive Lake Hiking trail to Olive Lake

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Wooden Bridge
Trail and information sign Trail to Olive Lake

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Hiking Trail
Picnic table situated along trail edge Trail leading to Olive Lake

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Picnic shelter and trailhead sign Picnic shelter at the trailhead.

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Picnic Park
Group picnic and hiking trip Some people enjoying a picnic in park

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Olive Lake
Crystal green waters and reflection of mountains. Olive Lake in Kootenay National Park

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Olive Lake
Interpretive sign at viewpoint Lookout on the lake with info sign.

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Rumbling Creek
Small creek emptying into Olive Lake Creek empties into lake.

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