Walking Trail in Castlegar
Sandy Beach
Child in calm water in park Mom and child bonding on Millennium Walkway

878 hits

Family soaking in river Family swimming in Twin Rivers Park

825 hits

Beach and Swimming Area
Sandy beach banks of Columbia River Sandy beach and walkway in Twin Rivers Park

834 hits

Columbia River
Views from walkway River views from Millennium Walkway

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Paddel Boat part of Columbia River history History information located on trail

983 hits

Twin Rivers Park Playground
Childs area on Millenium Walkway Playground in Twin Rivers Park

912 hits

Twin Rivers Park
Park located on Millennium Walkway Twin Rivers Park on Millennium Walkway

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Viewing Shelter
Shelter on trail at the lookout Viewing shelter on Millennium Walkway

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Looking out onto Tin Cup Rapids Sightseeing on Millennium Walkway

899 hits

Family Time
Father and child learning to ride Learning to ride a bicycle

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Millennium Walkway Gate
Entrance and trailhead to walkway Entrance gate to walkway in Castlegar

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Dog Walking
Walking your dog on walkway. Dog walker on Millennium Walkway

820 hits

Pathway in the trees Hiking along Millennium Walkway

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Walkway with Viewing Benches
Walkway along the Columbia River Trail in Castlegar

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Information Billboards
Walkway along the Columbia River Billboards with information of the area

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