Community Recreation Trail Hiking trail along Kaslo River
Entrance from Hwy #31 Information billboard on trail

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Picnic Table
Trailhead on Hwy #31 Picnicking near Trailhead

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Foot Bridge
Bridge from the top of river bank Bridge over Kaslo River

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Hiking Trail
Hiking through the trees Hiking in the forest to river

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Hiking Trail
Trail with guard rails Hiking near the Kaslo River

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Foot Bridge
Looking down centre of bridge Looking down the bridge

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Hiking Trail
Hiking along Kaslo River Kaslo River Trail

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Foot Bridge
Hiking over Kaslo Creek

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Kaslo River
Views from foot bridge Views of river from bridge

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Highway #31 Trailhead Trailhead entrance on Highway #31

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Interpretive Sign Post
Sign post on Kaslo River Interpretive sign on river.

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Hiking Trail
Hiking along Kaslo River Hiking on Kaslo River Trail

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