Provincial Park near Kaslo
Researching Kokanee Glacier Park on location On location

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Gravel Access Road
Gravel roads in the park Access roads in the park

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River Rapids
River runs through it

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Remains from Mining
Old structures by the side of the road from early mining days Mining from the past in the park

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Old Log Building
Relic located on the way into the park Old log cabin located in field off of gravel road.

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Owl Sighting in Kokanee Glacier Park
Hoooo is watching who Owl spotted in the trees hiding from attacking ravens.

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Owl Sighting in Kokanee Glacier Park
Owl in the trees hidding from crows Owl sighting in park

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River Rapids
White water coming down the mountain Rivers in the park

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Glacier Run Off
Creek forms from glaciers melting Run off creek from snow melt

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Snow Slide
Snow cut off access for us up the mountain Snow blocks access in park

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Mountain Range Views
Views from gravel access road Mountain views in park

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