Provincial Park near Nelson, BC
Old Avalanche Remains
Snow blocks the road. Hike from here! Avalanche blocks the road.

1140 hits

Dead End
Deadfall trees is the end of the road for us Storms block the road from fallen trees.

1018 hits

Sunset Creek Bridge
Wooden bridge on gravel roads

1191 hits

West Kokanee Face
Mountain roads in the park Rough gravel roads in the park

1119 hits

Kokanee Creek
White water on the mountain Kokanee Creek in the park

1045 hits

Kokanee Creek
Roaring rapids coming down the mountain Rapids of Kokanee Creek

1094 hits

Kokanee Creek
Glacier melt feeding the creek Glacier melt collecting in creek

1078 hits

Snow Melt
Hiking in the alpine Hiking above the snow line

1047 hits