Hiking, Biking and XC Skiing Trails in Revelstoke, BC
Wells Creek
Wells Creek on Mt. MacPherson.

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Quarry Sign
Trail sign and tree marker.

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Roadway Ramble
Trail signs and directional arrows.

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Trail on the Hill.
Single track trail leading into the trees.

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Trail Marker
Tantrum hiking trail marker.

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Boardwalk Trail
Boardwalk trail in the trees.

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Information Sign
Trail map and mountain information signs.

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Highway Sign
Highway sign marking the parking lot.

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Parking Lot
Main gravel parking lot to trails. Main gravel parking lot

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Entrance Sign
Access Road into Mount MacPherson Demonstration Forest

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Hiking Trail
Black Forest Trail

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Trail Marker
Trail marker for the Black Forest Trail.

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Beaver Lake
Log cam of Beaver Lake

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Beaver Lake Reflections
Views of the lake.

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Beaver Lake
EH Tourism On location at Beaver Lake.

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