Powell River, BC, Canada - Explore the Sunshine Coast
Powell River Canoe Route
Powell River Canoe Route
Powell River Canoe Route on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada.
Lookout South of Powell River
Totem Poles at the lookout

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From the highway south of Powell River Blues, oranges, reds, purples from the highway south of Powell River

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Sunshine Coast Trail
Signage on the Sunshine Coast Trail

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Sliammon First Nation Flag
Entrance to First Nation country Flag flies proudly at entrance to Fist Nation lands

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Powell Lake
Trees poke out from the water

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Powell River Canoe Route
Portage portion of Powell River Canoe Route

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Heading out for some waves at Palm Beach

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Palm Beach Sun Worshippers
The beach attacts many in the area

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Boat Launch
Setting out for some fishing

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Rough Boating
Beached and bruised boat

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Palm Beach
High Tides and people enjoying the sun

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Texada Island Lookout
People taking in the views and Totem Poles

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Mermaid Cove
Point many sunbathe at

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BCeh.com Brother 4x4ing
BCeh.com photo moment

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Ocean Views
Beautiful views from highway south of Powell River

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