Watson Lake, Teslin, Whitehorse & Haines Junction
Welcome Sign
Highway sign

2089 hits

Alaska Highway
Alaska Highway travels through Haines Junction

1859 hits

Interpretive Sign
Signs located at Kluane Lake Lookout

2578 hits

Mountain Views
Views from the Kluane Lake Lookout

2804 hits

Kluane Park
Monument on Kluane Lake

2426 hits

Viewing area on Kluane Lake

2540 hits

Gone Researching

2410 hits

Canada Parks Office
Parks Office on Kluane Lake near Sheep Mountain

2262 hits

Alaska Highway Bridge over Kluane Lake

2396 hits

Shoreline Drive
Shores of Kluane Lake from highway

2190 hits

Kluane Lake
Socked in by clouds

2187 hits

EH Tourism
EH caravan moving down the highway

2744 hits

Kluane Lake
Views of marsh like shore of Kluane Lake

2242 hits

Road Trip
Cruising the Alaska Highway under low cloud cover

2281 hits

Alaska Highway
Dust up on highway near Kluane Lake

2351 hits