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Waterwheel Park is located on the waterfront in the Village of Chemainus, BC on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The park is the centre of the community and is a popular gathering spot and sightseeing destination.
Waterwheel Park
The park is easily recognizable by the replica waterwheel that is situated at the entrance of the park near the large paved parking lot. The wheel is a copy of the old waterwheels that were once used in the pioneer days to power the mills.

Waterwheel Park was established in 1967 as part of Canada's Centennial celebrations. Today,  the park connects new downtown with old downtown via a short walking path. From the main parking lot there is a viewpoint with amazing views of the waterfront.

In the park there are many statues and carvings including a tall ship and a giant canoe. The park includes a popular theme playground for children with swings and slides. There are flowers and gardens - some gardens are  growing with native plants. There is a band shelter. It is used for events and festivals. 

After some quality time in Waterwheel Park there is a museum in the parking lot that may be of interest to you. The museum enjoys a good collection of historic artifacts and photos of the life and times of the early pioneers.


Waterwheel Park

How To Get ToWaterwheel Park

Travel to the community of Chemainus, BC on Vancouver Island. In the centre of the village, opposite the tourist information centre, is a paved parking lot and a replica waterwheel. Park here and enjoy.
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