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Cameron Falls is a very popular natural attraction located in the Waterton Lakes National Park in the southwest corner of the province of Alberta, Canada.

Cameron Falls Pictures GalleryThe falls require no hiking and are easily accessible. Cameron Falls is one of the most visited natural attractions in the park and one of the most photographed. The falls are an ideal destination for all ages and abilities. The walkway is wheelchair and baby stroller friendly.

On the left side of the falls, lining the creek, is a long, level walkway with viewing lookouts of the falls. The walkway is very wide and surrounded by protective fencing.

The walkway is a year round attraction - and a night and day attraction. During the night the falls and walkway are lit up with lights. During the winter the falls are frozen in time.

Not only is Cameron Falls a sightseeing destination it is also a historic one. Time and the forces of nature have eroded away the surface rock of the falls thus exposing some of the oldest rock in the entire Canadian Rocky Mountain Range dating back 1500 million years.

Next to the Cameron Falls is a trailhead entrance to the Carthew-Alderson Trail. Explore up the trail a few hundred metres and there are some good vantage points of the upper falls.

On the opposite side of the road from the falls is a trail following a creek, through a campground, leading back to the Waterton Townsite and the shores of Upper Waterton Lake.

Bring some binoculars or a good telephoto lens because if you look closely there are birds who live in the falls and feed from the creek.

How to Get to Cameron Falls

Travel to the Waterton Townsite in the Waterton Lakes National Park in the southwest corner of the province of Alberta, Canada. From Waterton Avenue (main street) travel up Cameron Falls Drive to Evergreen Avenue and a small parking area for the falls.


Cameron Falls - Waterton Lakes

How To Get ToCameron Falls - Waterton Lakes

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