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Cameron Lake is one of the most popular `drive to` destinations located in the Waterton Lakes National Park in the southwest corner of the province of Alberta, Canada.

Cameron Lake Photo GalleryCameron Lake is a well maintained sub alpine lake situated at an elevation of 1646 meters (5400 ft). The lake is located at the end of the 16 kilometre Akamina Parkway. The parkway itself is a sightseeing adventure.

Located along the Akamina Parkway is a historic site, some wilderness hiking trails and picnic sites. The picnic site prior to Cameron Lake includes a picnic shelter and picnic tables embedded in a creek environment. Trails accessed from the parkway include Lineham Creek and Rowe Lakes.

At the end of the parkway is the Cameron Lake Welcome Centre. At the entrance of the welcome centre is a large 3D geographical map identifying the surrounding lakes, country borders and hiking trails.

During the summer months there is a gift shop, a washroom and a concession stand serving snacks and beverages. Surrounding the amenities is a raised wooden patio platform with a telescope, information signs and seating benches.

Looking through the telescope one might spot mountain goats, big horn sheep, moose and bear. The telescope is often busy, so bring your own binoculars and spend some quality time scanning the Akamina Mountain Range and Forum Peak for activity.

Activity wise - Cameron Lake is a base for many adventures. There are opportunities to enjoy hiking, sightseeing, picnicking and canoeing. Near the welcome centre is a canoe rental operation.

Along the western shores of the lake is an easy going 1.6 kilometre one way hiking trail. The trail explores the lower slope forests surrounding the lake and provides a different perspective of the local wilderness scenery.

From the parking lot at Cameron Lake there are trailheads for accessing some of the other trails exploring deeper into the Waterton Park mountains. The trails that can be accessed from Cameron Lake include Akamina Lake, Summit Lake, Carthew-Alderson, Akamina Pass, Forum Lake and Wall Lake.

How to Get to Cameron Lake

Travel to the Waterton Townsite in the Waterton Lakes National Park in the southwest corner of the province of Alberta, Canada. From Waterton Avenue (main street) travel Akamina Parkway for 16 kilometres to the Cameron Lake parking lot. The rest is up to you.


Cameron Lake - AB

How To Get ToCameron Lake - AB

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