Dinosaur Provincial Park

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Dinosaur Provincial Park

Visiting Dinosaur Provincial Park is like stepping into another world. There's a chance for a new discovery around every corner and great hiking. Explore badlands, camp under the stars or take part in an authentic dinosaur dig.  You will be amazed by the abundant fossils, unusual wildlife and stunning landscapes of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Just 48kms north of Brooks, Alberta the Dinosaur Provincial Park is a must to visit.

Wear good footwear like hiking boots or closed toed shoes and don't forget your camera! Flip flops not recommended! For tours, l recommend you book ahead as these fill up quickly during the summer months. I had a great day at the park exploring the Hoodoos and trails on my own. The views all around the park are amazing and there are so many trails to venture down.

Paddle the Red Deer River in your Canoe or Kayak! There are no Canoe or Kayak rentals in the Park but you can access to the Red Deer River at the Steveville campground.  It is located just off Highway 876, on the west edge of Dinosaur Provincial Park. Following the river, it is 13 kilometres from Steveville to the Dinosaur Provincial Park campground. This can take 2 ½ to 4 hours to paddle, depending on the water level and time of year. It is a fantastic and thrilling experience and gives you a different view of the park.

So whether you are on foot, in a vehicle or a canoe, a visit to Dinosaur Provincial Park is a terrific way to spend a day in the great outdoors.



- Latitude: 50.7537 | Longitude: -111.528
Brooks, Alberta

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