Hinton Bike Park



Park Size: 37 acres

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Mountain Biking

Having a skill park allows for users to "session" bike features many times in short time frames, thereby improving riding skills in a safe and structured environment. By being the first of its kind in the Yellowhead region, Hinton Bike Park hopes this facility will be a regional hub for activity.The rolling foothills, forests, lakes, and front ranges of the Rockies near Hinton are a mountain biker’s paradise.  The opportunity is awesome for an epic trail. The access to get into it is easy, the terrain’s phenomenal.


Hinton Bike Park
281 Robb Rd

How To Get ToHinton Bike Park

Get to Hinton, Alberta, Canada
Turn onto Switzer Drive off of HWY 16 at the set of lights at FasGas and Arbys
Turn Right at the next lights onto Robb Road
Continue on Robb Road once the road turns to gravel go another 200m
Turn Right into the Parking Lot
Now ride your bike!
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