Maskepetoon Park


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Red Deer

Park Size: 30 hectares
Trail Length: 0.86km or 0.534 miles

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Dog Walking
Mountain Biking
Wildlife Watching

Maskepetoon Park is an ecological gem tucked away in the west end of Red Deer. Visitors can access the park via Kerrywood Drive and once there, can stroll along paths and trails that wind through the forest and marshland. Maskepetoon Park has recently been re-established as a beautifully diverse natural area in the heart of the community. The park  is dedicated to Chief Maskepetoon, a noted Cree chieftain from the 1800s. A renowned warrior in his youth, Maskepetoon later became a strong promoter of peace among the tribes of Central Alberta. The park was named in his honour in 1957.

Please enjoy all wildlife from a safe distance and allow them to remain wild by not feeding or approaching them.


Maskepetoon Park
Kerrywood Drive
Red Deer

How To Get ToMaskepetoon Park

Parking is off of Kerrywood Drive by the Best Western & Red Deer Golf Course
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