Saamis Tepee

Medicine Hat

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Saamis Tepee is a very recognizable landmark located easily in the community of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.

Medicine Hat, Alberta photo galleryTowering at just over 65 metres (215 feet) the giant steel tepee looms over the Seven Persons Creek river valley and its coulees.

The Saamis Tepee was built in 1988 for the Calgary Winter Olympics by Steve Illes. The tepee once housed the famous Olympic flame during the ceremonies.

The tepee was ment as a symbol of the First Nation people during the Olympics. The colors of the tepee rings have significance. The white ring is said to represent purity, the red represents the sun and the blue means water.

After the Olympics, the giant tepee was disassembled and moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Today, it sits on a ridge, easily viewed from Highway #1 when coming and going from Medicine Hat.

Inside the Saamis Tepee are a series of 10 historic story boards detailing the lives of the First Nation people. There are giant murals, beautifully done - each with information billboards.

From the Saamis Tepee there is a recreation trail leading north which connects to the Kin Coulee Park and the Heritage Trail System.


Saamis Tepee
Medicine Hat

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