Elk Island National Park


Park Size: 194 square kilometers

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Boat Launch
X Country Skiing
Dog Walking
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Park Office
Pet Friendly
Wildlife Watching
Wheelchair Access

Elk Island National Park

UNESCO Designated Biosphere Reserve near Edmonton Alberta Canada

Plains and wood bison herds, moose, elk, deer, over 250 species of birds and more.

For over a century now, Elk Island National Park has been a significant contributor to bison conservation. In an effort to preserve the species, the Government of Canada purchased one of the last bison herds between 1907 and 1912. Since then, the bison have roamed free in the park and have contributed to restoring bison populations across North America. As a UNESCO designated biosphere, Elk Island in Fort Saskatchewan near Edmonton Alberta Canada, is a fantastic place to viewing wildlife. The park is home to palins and wood bison herds, moose, elk, deer, over 250 species of birds and more.

Viewing Bison in Elk Island National Park

Since the bison roam freely here, it is important to be bison-wise by keeping your distance. Therefore, Parks Canada reccomends using the rule of thumb. That is, hold your thumb up in front of you and cover the animal with it. If the animal is totally covered by your thumb you are about 100m away which is a safe distance. if your thumb does not completely cover the animal then you are too close and need to back away.

Adventures in the Alberta Park

In addition to wildlife viewing, the park is enjoyed year-round for a variety of recreation pursuits. In the winter, there is hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and ice skating to enjoy. During the summer months there is also boating, swimming, cycling, golfing, geocching and stargazing to name a few. Canoe, kayak and stand up paddle boards (SUP) are avialable for rent.

Elk Island Camping

Camping is available year round with both front-country and backcountry options and even O-tentiks. O-Tentiks are an a-frame tent and cabin combination so you get to have teh fun of camping while still sleeping in a real bed. Each O-Tentik can sleep up to 6 people and includes tables, chairs, heat, lights and USB charging.

Park Amenities

Elk Island National Park has several educational opportunities as well including a theatre, registered summer programs, dark sky experiences and a variety of programs to celebrate Indigenous culture such as Cree Crafting workshops, guide hikes to see the bison and Sunset Paddles.

Elk Island National Park in Alberta

UNESCO designated biosphere


Elk Island National Park
54401 Range Rd 203, Fort Saskatchewan, AB T8L 0V3

How To Get ToElk Island National Park

Elk Island National Park is less thank 50km from downtown Edmonton and is only a 35 minute drive away. The park is east of Edmonton on Highway 16.
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