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Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Mountain Biking
Sani Dump

Centennial Park is an attraction, picnic and recreation destination located in the heart of the community of Drumheller, Alberta, Canada.

Drumheller, Alberta, Canada photo galleryThe park is a popular destination for many who visit the community of Drumheller as it is the location of the Visitor Centre and some of the community's recreation buildings including the aquaplex, arena and curling rink.

But... what really catches your eye and draws allot of attention in Centennial Park is the 26 metre (86 feet) tall Tyannosaurus Rex dinosaur. It is the "World's Tallest Dinosaur" and one of the most visited attractions in the Drumheller Valley.

The T-Rex not only is a tower of strength hovering over the community of Drumheller - it is a lookout tower providing excellent views overlooking the community, Red Deer River and the Canadian Badlands.

Inside the belly of the Tyannosaurus Rex are 106 steps leading up to the jaws of the attraction and a gated viewing deck. Along the way up the walls of the stairwell are decorated with neon images of fossils and painted murals.

Outside, on the grounds of Centennial Park are grass lawns with picnic tables and sitting benches. In the centre of the park is a children's water spray park.

The Red Deer River Nature Trail connects to Centennial Park. The recreation trail is a popular walking, biking and roller blading route. It is also an excellent sightseeing route with views of the community while exploring along the banks of the Red Deer River.

Centennial Park is within walking distance to the shops, boutiques and stores of downtown Drumheller.

And for RVs... there is a sani station located nearby.


Centennial Park

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