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The Mount Black Prince Trail is, both, an easy going and challenging hiking trail in the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park located in Kananaskis Country in Alberta, Canada. The hiking route is an interpretive trail leading to Warspite Lake and views of the Black Price Lakes and the Spray Mountain Range.

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park Photo GalleryThe 5 kilometre return hiking route is divided into two sections. The first section is an interpretive easy going trail exploring along the banks of the Smith-Dorian Creek and Warspite Creek before connecting to the rocky shorelines of Warspite Lake.

The second section of the trail begins at Warspite Lake. It is a challenging and difficult 2 kilometre section of trail with an elevation gain of 450 metres which leads to a mountain ridge and some peek-a-boo views of the Black Prince Lakes.

The trail leading to Warspite Lake follows a narrow, single track trail along an earthy and gravel surface. Allot of the hiking is under the cover of trees until you reach the lake where it opens up into a valley of huge boulders, moss covered ground surrounded by mountains.

There are sitting and resting benches located along this section of the route as well as a few wooden foot bridges which crisscross, back and forth over the creeks until you reach Warspite Lake.

From Warspite Lake there are some great views of the snow capped peaks of some of the mountains in the Spray Mountain Range including Mount Warspite and Black Prince Mountain. Nearby are Mount Murray and Mount Indefatigable.

At Warspite Lake the trail either loops back to the main trail and leads you back to the parking lot or it continues along a rough, not well marked trail for another 2 kilometres to a high mountain ridge and some views of the Black Prince Lakes.


Mount Black Prince Trail

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