Rock Glacier Trail


Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:

The Rock Glacier Trail is a boulder hike located on the low lying slopes of Mount Rae in the province of Alberta, Canada . The trail explores a mountain side of mesozoic sandstone and shale in the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in Kananaskis Country.

kananaskis Park Photo GalleryThe Rock Glacier Trail near Canmore, Alberta, Canada is a short 400 metre trail with an elevation gain of 30 metres leading to an odd rock formation created by natural forces many years ago. The route is well marked, easily followed and well signed. The biggest challenge can be the weather.

The interpretive signs located at the trailhead and on the trail describe the native plants and wildlife surviving in the area - sometimes referred to as the Kananaskis Alpine Zone. It is a climatic zone in Kananaskis Country which simulates arctic conditions like short summers, cold winters and high winds.

The weather in the Rocky Mountains can change quickly. Although the Rock Glacier Trail is a short hike, easily walked, you are exposed to the elements out in the open on a rock slope.

Wildlife living in the area include rock rabbits and pikas. They are small animals, they move quickly and are accustomed to the rocky environment and, sometimes harsh weather. Walk lightly and keep an eye open and camera ready.


Rock Glacier Trail


Located in: Kananaskis Country
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