Laycock Park


Park Size: 11 Hectares

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Dog Walking
Mountain Biking
Pet Friendly
Wheelchair Access

Laycock Park

Laycock Park was named in honour of the Laycock family who homesteaded in the area when Alberta was part of the Northwest Territories. The park is built on a small piece of land once part of the farm owned by the Thomas Laycock family. Laycock came to Calgary from England in 1888 and set up a grain and cattle farm in 1892 that was eventually passed on to one of his sons, Thomas Hayes Laycock. Before he died in 1920, the elder Laycock was well known throughout the Alberta cattle industry as a pioneer breeder of Holsteins.

He often put his expertise to use in his position as a judge at the Calgary Exhibition, which later became known as the Calgary Stampede. The family’s cattle herd continued to thrive over the years and Hayes Laycock showed the animals at fairs and exhibitions in Western Canada. This recreational park dedicated to the Laycock family was built with funds raised by the Thorncliffe/Greenview community, and subsidies from the City of Calgary, and lottery funds from the provincial government.

The park includes sheltered picnic tables, a children's playground, and Off Leash Dog area. In the parking lot on the east side of Nose Creek you will find connecting pathways to the communities of Thorncliffe/Greenview.



Laycock Park has recently been identified as the first potential site for the Calgary Wetland conservation plan which will protect existing wetlands within the City of Calgary. The headwaters of the Nose Creek Watershed are located near Crossfield, Alberta and from there, the creek flows south where it eventually drains into the Bow River.


Great Trout Fishing

The Bow River is known as one of the top trophy trout streams in the world and Nose Creek is a tributary to this amazing river system. Studies have found trout species using the Nose Creek system at the confluence of the Bow River. Therefore, this creek system serves as a critical component to the overall health of the Bow River and the Bow Basin. 


Public Art Site

Laycock Park has also been selected as a public art site and will be home to artwork themes related to watersheds, water and the environment. Upgrades to Laycock Park are scheduled to start October 2017  


Laycock Park
5979 6 Street NE

How To Get ToLaycock Park

Laycock Park is located off 6th Street NE, Calgary, Alberta
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