Bowmont Park


Park Size: 164 hectares
Trail Length: 9.7 kms or 6.2 miles

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Dog Walking
Mountain Biking

Bowmont Park

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You can see the geological history of Calgary on the "walls" of this park. Bowmont Park contains a steep cliff face that illustrates several chapters of the city's geological history. You can also see an unusual, spongy-looking, geological formation called "tufa." Associated with the tufa is a three-metre-high waterfall. Near the waterfall is a scenic lookout over the Bow River Valley. This park provides an opportunity to experience a mature riverine forest with its abundance of flora and fauna.

Plant Life in Bowmont Park contains grasslands, valleys fed with permanent sources of water and bushy off-shore islands. There is also a mature Balsam Poplar riverine forest. This type of forest was once very common along river banks across the North American prairies. But, because these forests rely on periodic flooding for regeneration and most of the rivers have been dammed, the forests are under threat throughout much of their range.

Wildlife in the waters of the Bow River are home to species such as Canada Geese, Common Mergansers and several species of gulls. The trees and shrubs along the river are migratory routes for many species of warblers and vireos. There is ample evidence of the presence of beavers as many of the trees have been wrapped with wire to protect them from being chopped down. If you like amphibians, Boreal Chorus Frogs and Tiger Salamanders have been seen in the inland ponds.

Bowmont Park also has a designated Off Leash area for dog owners to enjoy a free run with their dogs.

Pack a picnic and take the kids to the Bowmont Playground for a fun family day outdoors,


Bowmont Park
85 St. N.W. & 48 Ave. N.W.

How To Get ToBowmont Park

Nosehill Drive NW to 87 Street NW to Bearspaw Dam Road NW- follow Bearspaw Dam Road NW to Bowmont Park
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