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Prince's Island Park

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Prince's Island Park is a waterfront park and a recreation destination located on a small island in the centre of the Bow River in the downtown core of the community of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada photo galleryThe island park is one of the most popular natural green space areas in downtown Calgary. Prince's Island Park is within walking distance of the downtown shops... and it is a pedestrian only park with no motorized vehicles permitted on the island.

The park measures about 20 hectares (49 acres). Most of the park is landscaped, well maintained and developed for recreation and activity. Except for a small section of the island - on the east side - which is designated as a wetland marsh.

The developed section of the park enjoys large green grass lawns, ponds with water fountains, day use areas with picnic tables, sitting benches everywhere, children's playgrounds, flower gardens, art sculptures, an outdoor stage, food stands and a network of recreation trails.

The trails on Prince's Island Park are paved and gravel - the main trail being paved. The main trail in the island park connects to each bank of the Bow River via a couple of foot bridges. On the bank of the Bow River the trail reconnects with the Bow River Pathway.

Some of the activities enjoyed in the park include walking, jogging, biking, roller blading, picnicking and birdwatching. The park is also a venue for entertainment hosting community events, festivals, concerts and outdoor theatre.

The island pathways, at times, are very busy with people traffic - both locals and visitors. They are shared paths for many activities and it is important to pay attention, be respectful and slow down.

Birdwatching comes very easy in Prince's Island Park. Waterfowl are attracted to the park because of the wetland marsh area, the Bow River and the park ponds. Songbirds, singing and chirping songs, are attracted to the grove of trees in the park.

There is a great little educational pathway looping around the wetland marsh area. Located on the pathway are many information signs detailing the positives of wetland preservation, explaining the wildlife and the benefits to society wetlands provide.

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Prince's Island Park

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