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The Brooks Aqueduct is an engineering wonder in the County of Newell located just southeast of the community of Brooks, Alberta Canada, in the Southern Alberta region of the province.

Brooks, Alberta, Canada photo galleryThe Brooks Aqueduct is local tourist attraction and a National and Provincial Historic Site. The aqueduct is on display sitting 20 metres above ground and measuring over 3 kilometres long and 18 metres high.

The Brooks Aqueduct was the largest water canal of its kind during the early 1900s. During those years it was considered an act of engineering genius. In 1987 is was identified as "one of the ten most outstanding engineering milestones in Alberta".

The aqueduct, along with the Bassano Dam, where the two major builds involved in the project. It took over 2 years to complete the construction of the Brooks Aqueduct. It began operations in 1915. In 1979 a land based canal was introduced to replace the aging aqueduct.

The job of building the irrigation system was created and managed by the Canadian Pacific Railway. The purpose of the irrigation project back in the 1900s was to attract people and development to the region.

Prior to the arrival of the irrigation system the land was arid and largely vacant. Post irrigation system the land quickly became green and populated, even oasis-like, covered in lakes and wetlands. Soon villages developed creating farms, pastures and ranchlands.

Today the Eastern Irrigation District (EID) operates and manages the waterway system... and the Brooks Aqueduct is now a popular sightseeing attraction with a Visitor Centre, tours, viewing deck, washrooms and a picnic table area.

How to Get to the Brooks Aqueduct

Travel to the community of Brooks, Alberta Canada. From Cassils Road in Brooks travel east to 7th Street East and take a right. Travel south on 7th Street East (aka Hwy 873) following the signs for 8 kilometres to the aqueduct attraction.



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