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Kinbrook Island Provincial Park and the Kinbrook Marsh Nature Trail are located south of the community of Brooks, Alberta Canada in the south-central region of Alberta known as the Canadian Badlands.

Brooks, Alberta, Canada photo galleryThe marsh and park are situated on the eastern shores of Lake Newell. Lake Newell measures 66 square kilometres and empties into the mighty Bow River. It is one of the largest lakes in Southern Alberta and one of the largest man-made lakes in Northern Alberta.

Lake Newell is a result of the irrigation system established in the region during the early 1900s. The system pf canals, dikes and dams was designed to irrigate the region therefore prompting the development of farms, ranches and pastures.

Kinbrook Island Provincial Park was not established as a provincial park until 1951. Next to the park is the Kinbrook Marsh. It is one of three marshes on Lake Newell along with the Sven Bayer Peninsula and Pelican Island.

The environment surrounding Kinbrook Marsh and the Kinbrook Park consists of mainly prairie grass, wetland marsh and a reservoir lake. The combination of the eco systems creates an ideal destination for activities and wildlife sightings.

Bird sightings are very common in Kinbrook Marsh and in the Kinbrook Island Provincial Park. There are opportunities to view water fowl, predator birds and song birds. A big draw in the birding destination are the white pelicans.

The wetland marsh measures over 200 hectares and it is designated as a North American Waterfowl Management Plan Project. The marsh was created by three dikes designed to enclose two small bays on Lake Newell. A recreation path provides some of the best views of the bays, marsh and birding wildlife.

The Kinbrook Marsh Nature Trail explores outside the park and within the park. The main trailhead is located outside the park. There are washrooms, a picnic area, an information billboard and a large gravel parking lot. Nearby is an observation deck and a lake dock.

The secondary trailhead is located in the Kinbrook Island Provincial Park. Also in the park is a large day use area with a sandy beach, a picnic area, a boat launch, a concession, a playground and a campground.

In total the trail measures 3.5 to 4 kilometres. Much of the trail is developed with sections of boardwalk and well groomed dirt paths. However, there is a small 1 kilometre or so section of trail which is not developed.

Along the trail are sightseeing platforms, viewing towers and viewpoints. Combine the access road to the Kinbrook Island Provincial Park with the Kinbrook Marsh Nature Trail and the route becomes a loop route exploring along the shores of the entire north section of the marsh.

Activities enjoyed in the Kinbrook Island Provincial Park include sailing, swimming, boating, swimming, canoeing, fishing, hiking, camping, bird watching and picnicking.

How to Get to the Kinbrook Island Provincial Park

Travel to the community of Brooks, Alberta Canada. From Cassils Road in Brooks travel south on 7th Street East which is Highway #873. Continue traveling south on Hwy #873 for 13 kilometres to the Kinbrook Island Provincial Park.


Kinbrook Island Provincial Park

How To Get ToKinbrook Island Provincial Park

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