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Meadow Lake Park is a small green-space park in the community of  Brooks, Alberta Canada which is located in the south-central region of Alberta known as the Canadian Badlands.

Brooks, Alberta, Canada photo galleryMuch of the parkland is taken up by the lake. Surrounding the lake are groves of trees, prairie grasslands, marsh-like shorelines and a recreation pathway.

The recreation trail provides wide open views of the lake, the grassland prairie environment and the surrounding residential neighbourhood. Meadow Lake is situated in a residential area in the community of Brooks referred to as Meadowlands.

The recreation trail loops around most of the elongated lake. The path follows along the east and west shoreline of the lake only to connect together on the north end of Meadow Lake.

The recreation trail is both paved and gravel. The two trails sometimes follow the shores of the lake side by side. The path is used by baby strollers, wheelchairs, roller bladers, walkers, birdwatchers, bikers and joggers.

The green-space areas surrounding Meadow Lake are popular for picnicking and birdwatching. The lake attracts waterfowl and song birds to the area.

For more adventures and exploring visit the the Duke of Sutherland Park located north of Meadow Lake and to the west visit the McKay Lake Park.

How to Get to the Meadow Lake Trail

Travel to the community of Brooks, Alberta Canada. From Cassils Road in Brooks travel

Accessed from Sutherland Drive East. Travel south of Sutherland and on your left is the entrance to the trail exploring the shores of Meadow Lake.


Meadow Lake Trail

How To Get ToMeadow Lake Trail

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