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Where to get season passes near Calgary Alberta Canada. As summer approaches and the kids are out of school, you may be looking for things to do with the little adventurers. Conveniently, there are many options available for Season Passes and tickets in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. If you're looking for an adrenaline rush,  peaceful gardens and animals, or an educational outing , you'll likely find somewhere around Calgary that offers a season pass for unlimited enjoyment! Here's a list of some of the various places that offer annual or seasonal passes for individuals and/or families in Alberta. 

Big Fun Inflatable Park Near Calgary Offers Adventure Passes! Photo Credit-Andrea Horning
Mountain biking passes Available in southern Alberta Canada Photo Credit-Andrea Horning

16 Season Passes Near Calgary Alberta Canada

Passes Available In Calgary 

The Big Box Entertainment 

Grab a monthly Infinite pass!

Another fantastic location that allows the kids to burn a ton of energy. The Big Box is located in the NE right off of the Deerfoot Hwy, and is a gigantic building filled with games, bounce castles, climbing structures, bumper cars and so much more. You can snag yourself a monthly pass any month of the year! This indoor fun house is open year round.

Bow Habitat Station

Buy an annual membership pass!

A very important location, found right in the city. Bow Habitat Station is a wonderful museum type building filled with endless information about our fish species in the province of Alberta. You can take a tour and explore multiple levels of live fish and even see where the stocked trout come from. There is a kids fishing pond located on site as well as guided informative tours of the fish hatchery. Another great initiative to support our local fish and wildlife while learning about them too! You can pick up an annual season pass for year round access to this fun informative location.

Telus Spark

Annual passes are available. 

Telus Spark offers year round season passes. This science centre often has different events and features throughout the year. Grabbing a season pass to the Telus Spark is not only educational, but a great way to have some hands on fun with some pretty cool items you won't find elsewhere. Have you ever laid on a bed of nails? You can here!

Theater Calgary 

Build your own Pass

There are a few season passes available that do not require you to spend the day outside. Theater Calgary offers build your own passes. You can grab a pass for multiple productions throught the season. A wonderful way to support local community theater.

WinSport - Canada Olympic Park 

Summer Mountain Biking Pass.

WinSport is a popular winter location right in Calgary. But did you know you can get a summer season pass and do some serious mountain biking?! A great way to stay in shape and enjoy a unique adventure right in Calgary. 

Calgary Zoo

Annual season pass available. 

One of the most popular season pass options located right in the city of is the Wilder Institute Calgary Zoo. This zoo stands apart from many other kinds of zoos across Canada for various reasons. The Calgary Zoo attraction is open year round and is a fabulous learning experience for both kids and adults. With species from penguins and polar bears to hippos, lions and komodo dragons! A wonderful place for young and old to learn about and enjoy these beautiful animals. 

Butterfield Acres Offers Season Pass Options. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning
Kids will love Bow Habitat Station. Photo Credit- Andrea Horning
Bow Habitat Station Aquariums are full of local fish species to learn about. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning
Test your mountain biking skills with a summer pass at WinSport in Calgary Alberta Canada. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning
Butterfield Acres is a wonderful place to bring toddlers throughout the spring and summer seasons in Calgary Alberta. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning
The Big Box Entertainment Centre in Calgary offers summer programs and monthly play passes!
Bow Habitat Hatchery Tours are available. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning

More Multi-Use Passes Available Right in the City

Heritage Park

Annual passes available. 

A classic in Calgary is Heritage Park. With various things to do and events throughout the year, this is a fabulous local location for a season pass. Featuring many different areas to explore, you may need to come back again and again! A season pass is a great way to enjoy it all at a fair pace.

Butterfield Acres

Spring summer and fall season pass.

Located right in Calgary, this farm is super fun to wander around and let's you interact with the animals. They often do fun events throughout the year. A season pass to Butterfield Acres helps keep all the cute animals happy and well cared for.

Local sports teams

Seasonal membership Tickets

All the various local teams including the Calgary Flames, Stampeders, Surge, Roughnecks etc. offer seasons tickets to their games. A fun way to get in the community spirit and cheer on the local teams.

Many Museums Offer Membership Passes

Annual membership passes.

Many of the museums around Calgary have memberships that then offer free admission to that specific museum year round. The Hanger Flight Museum is one example, Studio Bell is another great museum worth visiting more than once. 

Many Museums, including Studio Bell, offer membership passes with unlimited entry and enjoyment. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning
Many sports teams around Calgary have season passes available. Sergio from the Calgary Surge is our local basketball teams mascot. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning

Seasons Pass Options Outside of Calgary 

Lethbridge Cornmaze

Spring Summer and Fall season pass

Get your individual or family seasons pass to this fun attraction just north of Lethbridge. There are tons of animals and fun things to do around the farm! The farm is open from May to October annually.

Granary Road Park

Spring summer and fall season park pass.

Granary Road is a market setting with a sprawling property covered in amazingly unique displays and playgrounds! There is something for all ages here, but the season pass would be best used by kids 5-15 years old. Some of the climbing equipment is quite large! You'll be surprised with Granary Road if you've never been before.

Big Fun Inflatable Park

Annual Mega passes available.

This is a unique and enjoyable place to kill some time. And all ages can enjoy this awesome inflatable park. The massive air filled bounce houses and slides are sure to have you smiling and acting like a kid again! They also have a great Cafe and you can even order "adult slushies". Grab a pass and enjoy this fun family attraction located between Calgary and Airdrie.

Kraay Family Farm

Seasonal summer passes.

To be fair, it is a bit of a drive with this addition to our list of where to get season passes around Calgary, is located north of of the city in the Lacombe area. Honestly though, the Kraazy Family Farm requires a full day to explore it all! The vast amount of activities, games and playgrounds will surely keep the kids busy and having fun all day. This farm is definitely worth the drive from Calgary!

Calgary Farmyard

Seasonal summer passes.

A Farmyard full of fun! Located just east of Calgary, the Calgary Farmyard is full of adventures. From all the fun animals, a zip line, snack shacks, huge playgrounds, mini putt and much more! Definitely worth grabbing a season pass here!

Kraay Family Farm has a great sense of humour. This condiment cow is found at the food shack. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning
Kraay Family Farm in Lacombe is sure to have everyone smiling. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning
One of the many playgrounds found at Kraay Family Farm. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning
Granary Farm has some surprisingly fun things to do around the property. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning
Big Fun Inflatable Park is great for all ages! Photo Credit-Andrea Horning
Big Fun Inflatable Park is located just north of Calgary and offers fun passes for unlimited play. Many huge unique inflatables to be found here. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning

Western Canada's Largest Outdoor Amusement Park

Last but not least is a personal favourite of ours.

Calaway Park

Seasonal summer passes. 

Calaway Park is open from the May long weekend into September and offers many fun activities including roller coasters, ferris wheels, interactive games, restaurants, a campground, splash pad and much more! If you buy your season pass early they are a great price! Located 20 minutes west of Calgary. 

Roller Coaster at Calaway Park in Alberta Canada. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning
Calaway Park has rides for all ages. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning
Season Passes to Calaway Park go on sale pre season starting around Christmas. Season passes are great gift ideas for loved ones. Photo Credit-Andrea Horning

Year Round Fun Calgary Alberta Canada

No matter what you're interested in, there's bound to be a pass to satisfy you or your family. While some are indoors, and others are outside, a few offer a bit of both. From amusement parks, petting zoos to history and theater, the Calgary area has a lot to offer!

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Season Passes Near Calgary Alberta Canada

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Diana Mohrsen on Wednesday, 12 June 2024 06:10

What a great idea to let families know all the various passes available in the Calgary area. Well done!

What a great idea to let families know all the various passes available in the Calgary area. Well done!
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Excellent ideas to entertain the kids this summer!

Excellent ideas to entertain the kids this summer!
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